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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It is officially summertime!

The BSU and I have eaten just about all the cherries off of our tree that we can reach without a ladder. We really love just picking and eating cherries after parking the truck whenever we get home from wherever. It's a wonderful, sweet treat and I know the neighbors must think we are crazy but we eat the tree bare just a few at a time, every day, until the birds get the last of them. That's one of the signals that summertime has really arrived.

The other signal is the crack of a baseball bat and last night I got to see my first baseball of the year. It happens we had time to kill in Salt Lake City last night, so after dinner we ran over and caught the last 2 innings of the Salt Lake Bees game against the Las Vegas 51s. Franklin Covey field is another really nice baseball stadium, if you ever get a chance to visit, go see a ball game there.

Tonight is opening night for the Ogden Raptors- my hometown team. Even though I had 3 tickets in my pocket for opening night, I traded them in for tickets for tomorrow night's game. I've got school tonight, don't you know... When I went to buy the tickets last week, I asked for Wednesday night but the girl selling them had been selling opening night tickets all day and she just automatically cranked out three for me.

So, tomorrow night, I'm settling in for 3 hours of summertime attitude adjustment therapy at Lindquist Field. The BSU is going along and I have one ticket to give away because my friend Pat has the flu. Sorry Pat! Twist your radio to AM 570, you will be able to listen in!

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